Eurowaterjet in a nutshell


Hi, my name is Giancarlo and I have worked here in the WaterJet sector since 1998.
Eurowaterjet was born with me (non mi piace preferirei dire “ ho fondato questa azienda nel 2007”) in 2007 and today it’s a consolidated company that operates around the globe.
The headquarters are located in Piacenza, at Via Unicef 10, a strategic spot, that is also my city.

Eurowaterjet is aimed at all users of the WaterJet Technology, offering them a wide range of services in addition to:
-Spares Parts
-Abrasive Supply and its disposal
-New and used machinery (nel primo paragrafo della home ho usato la parola equipment, forse è da cambiare ma sentiamoci)
The gained experience allows us to offer assistance and specialized repairs, to help and support our clients and optimize the machines’ work.

A proper customer consulting and the supply of adequate and suitable spare parts, help us to solve many of the problems that slow down or stop the daily production of your plants, increasing the production costs.
We therefore have, in our stock, spares parts for high pressure pumps WSI, FLOW, KMT; cutting heads FLOW, KMT and other brands.
For the purposes of transparency you can choose between original brands and clones.

We provide various types of Garnet Abrasive and different MESH (grain sizes) together with the Certificate of the final disposal through authorized and licensed plants.

We also provide the maintainability of the machines, also programmed and bound to the contract.
What is the advantage ?
Eurowaterjet offers to its customers the certainty of the management costs, based on the hours of use.
If you want to estimate of the annual cost of the efficiency maintenance of your plants and systems, you can contact us to verify it, together with our experts on the basis of our quotations.