Garnet Abrasive

We offer the best abrasives on the market

We want to avoid annoying interruptions during cutting, which may result from a poor quality abrasive.
The price of the interruptions is not insignificant.
Is it really worth using a badly sifted abrasive or with many impurities?

Abrasive Garnet and Waterjet Tecnology

Respecting nature obtaining the best!

GARNET is an abrasive, and it is the best material used for the water jet cutting systems, better knows as Waterjet technology.
A particular high hardness, a low friability and a high specific weight, make it particularly adaptable for sandblasting operations, resulting very suitable in cases where the recycling of the abrasive it may not be possible and where is required the corrosion resistance warranty of the treated material.

What does it mean?

It means that it has an ecological impact in accordance with existing environmental laws and the abrasive and the Waterjet technology respect the nature, obtaining the best.

The use of Garnet for the sandblasting operations, ensures higher speed and reduced consumptions than when using traditional silica sand and drosses,
which has not only a lower environmental impact but also the best choice for the workers’ health.
Working with this mineral it is necessary to observe the generic standards regarding the dust exposure without a protection measure.

Thanks to its chemical inertia Garnet is easy to dispose, because it doesn’t originate chemical harmful or reactive dust.

The main advantages offered by GARNET are:

  • High hardness and toughness
  • High specific weight
  • Lower costs in comparison with other mineral abrasives
  • Absence of iron or other free metals
  • No risk of silicosis
  • Absence of polluting elements (heavy metals etc.)
  • Low dust levels
  • Chemical inertia (absent Chemical reactivity)
  • Reuse of the abrasive for 2 times or more
  • It isn’t hygroscopic (it does not absorb moisture

A green philosophy and a great technology: the best choice that you can make!

Eurowaterjet uses GARNET GMA, a top quality product, to achieve the best results.